The future of food safety: 100% natural

Protect your products!

Easy installation and implementation process

Our new generation of antimicrobials improves food safety standards and meets the consumer’s demands


A natural solution that won’t alter the composition of the food or its organoleptic properties.


Have peace of mind, our versatile solutions are efficient to reduce the risk of contamination by negative bacteria.

« Clean label »

Consumers want chemicals-free foods on their plates.


With biopreservation, the antimicrobials naturally produced by the microflora are used to increase the shelf life of food and ensure its safety.


Antimicrobial agents that prevent contaminations are produced by probiotics on a ongoing basis. It’s a more efficient alternative compared to conventional chemical agents.

Simple and inexpensive integration

Our spray system permits an homogeneous addition of the antimicrobials to the surface of food in addition to limiting the amount of water added to food. This system has several advantages:

  • Easy to install and use;
  • Versatile;
  • Intermittent mode reducing waste;
  • Precise dosing (depending on the surface);
  • Food grade.

They trust us

We’re proud to offer customized solutions meeting the needs of our customers.

« We are proud to support Laboratoire Innodal in its economic growth and support its promising technology which will go far beyond our borders. »

Marc Purcell, scientific director

« Aliments Santé is proud to support Innodal and its innovative antimicrobials with the potential to revolutionize the agrifood industry.»

Julie Daigle, director

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